Lantor can produce superabsorbent nonwovens that are resistant to moisture related shrinkage.

In our latest innovation Lantor (UK) have produced a range of soft, conformable and drapable superabsorbent nonwovens that are stable under moist and humid conditions.

This breakthrough provides clients with a superabsorbent fabric that is process friendly and delivers increased control of product integrity, appearance and performance.

The development of this technology offers particular benefit within the medical devices industry, as a solution to a recognised problem surrounding Ethylene Oxide (EtO) sterilisation of superabsorbent wound dressings.

There are a number of limitations in the sterilisation of superabsorbents as the fibres often absorb any moisture, heat or humidity generated during the sterilisation process. This causes the superabsorbent fibres to swell and become compact, resulting in shrinkage and misshape in the finished product.

Nonwoven manufacturers have used lamination and films to reduce the effects of shrinkage and deformation in recent years with limited success, as integrity and appearance improve at the expense of softness and conformability.

Our solution not only eliminates shrinkage, it also provides a soft and conformable layer that is stable throughout dressing manufacture. Its resistance to heat and humidity allows for a stable product during Ethylene Oxide sterilisation, making it ideal for use in dressings that contain silicone based adhesives.

Our innovations lead David Hill is ready to discuss the introduction of this technology into commercial supply for both new and existing products, contact him on +44 (0)1204 855 001.

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