Odour Control

A key aspect of advanced wound care is the effective management of odour produced by complex wounds. This is of great importance to patients and carers alike. Wound malodour can occur across a range of different wound types such as pressure ulcers, leg ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers and fungating wounds.

Lantor manufactures a range of materials, for use as an odour control layer in wound dressings. Our expertise is backed up by a strong research and development team that puts us at the forefront of the design of odour control dressings

For example, Lantor's activated carbon dressings provide an effective method to control wound exudate odours. Our activated carbon solutions are particularly suited for use in multi-layered dressings, in combination with wound exudate absorption and antimicrobial technologies in the final dressing construct.

Activated Carbon Products

Lantor utilises a wide range of activated carbon types, backed up with key partnerships with leading activated carbon producers. We process the activated carbon and precisely position the carbon layer between two nonwoven layers. Our expertise allows us to produce fully integral products that meet our customer specifications.

Through the selection of specific grade of activated carbon, together with a highly flexible capabilities and strict control process application protocols, we are able to offer a distinct range of odour control options to leading players within the advanced wound care market. This flexibility allows Lantor to offer a wide range of solutions for the medical odour control application.

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