We're constantly striving to develop high performance materials and technologies to meet the demand for innovative solutions within the medical field.

Our commitment to R&D has allowed us to develop a portfolio of advanced wound care products that are used in frontline medical services today. We have made significant advancements in odour control, alginate and superabsorbent product technology further enhancing our capacity to work in collaboration with leading medical organisations, to create the wound dressings of tomorrow.

We begin by understanding more about the individual challenges faced by our customers, sharing their vision and understanding their exact requirements. We'll then use this insight and inspiration to steer and shape our research and development processes. This ensures that our innovations are always guided by real-world experience, always fit-for-purpose and invariably one step ahead.

"We marry the vision of medical organisations with our technical expertise, to breathe life into exciting, forward-looking concepts and create products that work when it matters"
(Dave Hill, R&D Director)