Superabsorbent wound dressings

Lantor are at the forefront of wound dressing design based on both Superabsorbent Fibre (SAF) and Superabsorbent Powder (SAP). Our in-house expertise helps us create materials that deliver key features such as:

  • Precise, programmable exudate handling e.g. wicking, strike through and retentive capacity
  • High fluid absorbency, whilst maintaining form
  • Conformability and softness

Lantor has a wide range of grades within its superabsorbent portfolio, which form a key component in advanced dressings for complex and highly exuding wounds.

Superabsorbent Technology

Modern superabsorbent materials come in two basic forms, granular superabsorbent particles (SAP) and superabsorbent fibre (SAF). SAP is available in a wide range of particle sizes, which affords differences in absorption capability and absorption rate. SAF is available in a wide range of deniers and staple lengths.

SAP and SAF offer great flexibility in dressing design, performance and cost to deliver the clinical effectiveness demanded by our customers.


Lantor Research and Development team have recently created a number of breakthroughs within the field of superabsorbent nonwovens. We have the ability to produce binder free SAP and felt nonwovens that exhibit high levels of softness and conformability. They also allow rapid fluid uptake and retention performance and maintain structural integrity when fully absorbed.

EtO Stable Superabsorbents

We have recently developed a solution to a long standing problem in the medical devices industry and produced a superabsorbent dressing layer that is stable throughout EtO sterilisation and resistant to moisture related shrinkage.

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Outstanding Absorption & Retention

Lantor creates and fine tunes pad constructions to optimize the balance between absorption and retention. Exudate management is a critical step in wound healing. It is also our expertise.

One of the new innovative grades available from Lantor:

superabsorbent image before

Before: Lantor Superabsorbent pad starts to absorb

superabsorbent image after

After: Lantor Superabsorbent pad rapidly absorbs the fluid maintaining pad integrity

Lantor have the medical materials, the manufacturing know-how and decades of experience. We have the capability to not only produce high performance superabsorbent nonwovens but can also add additional functionalities such as odour control, antimicrobial and haemostatic performance.

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"Our clients already include some the most visible medical brands worldwide. They value Lantor's ability to create innovative dressing constructions that meet the strict requirements of advanced wound care. We take pride in the knowledge that our products deliver medical effectiveness and comfort to thousands of patients worldwide."
(Andrew Garland, Commercial Director)

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