superior fluid uptake & retention

Lantor has a wide range of grades within its superabsorbent portfolio, which form a key component in advanced dressings for complex and highly exuding wounds. We have the ability to produce binder free superabsorbent particle (SAP) and superabsorbent fibre (SAF) materials that exhibit high levels of softness and conformability. They also allow rapid fluid uptake, retention performance and maintain structural integrity when fully absorbed.

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It's at the heart of everything we do

At Lantor we care about our customers and the reliability, effectiveness, consistency and safety of the products we design, develop and manufacture. We’re ISO 13485 certified, FDA registered and we hold all the external approvals and accreditations you’d expect for a company operating at the highest level in the medical device industry.

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Odour control

improving patient well-being

Lantor's odour control materials provide an effective method to control this important clinical problem. Our activated carbon solutions are particularly well suited for use in multi-layered dressings, in combination with wound exudate absorption and antimicrobial technologies in the final dressing construct.

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proven & effective wound management

The design, control and flexibility of our supply chain enables Lantor to offer clients a complete range of alginate materials with features including high absorbency, excellent wet integrity, antimicrobial action and fluid management. These properties provide choices in terms of clinical need and intended application.

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Design Innovation

We create, collaborate and innovate to bring your ideas to life

Our commitment to R&D has allowed us to develop a portfolio of advanced wound care materials that are used in frontline medical devices today. We marry the vision of medical organisations with our technical expertise, to breathe life into exciting, forward-looking concepts and create products that work when it matters.

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